Christmas Nails…Tasteful or Tacky?

Have you ever looked at your hands and thought you would venture beyond a solid colour? We all have – ombre, dual colour, glitter effect, the list goes on. So why is it that when it comes to festive nails, or nail art in general, there is a stigma around it? I have heard rumblings of it being tacky, trying to hard or juvenile. It’s a safe bet to assume that women are divided into those that do it tastefully and those that don’t.

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The amount of skill and patience it takes to paint a mere snowflake or santa hat on a canvas as small as a nail is no easy task. However, less is definitely more when it comes to any form of nail decoration – you want people to appreciate the delicate and fine work on the nail! The formula for a classy manicure is to pick a maximum of 3 colours and 1 nail art effect. Any more and your hand will resemble a Christmas tree and any less – well then what’s the point?

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Red, white and green are always safe bets for Christmas time, although experimenting with other colours can have lovely results.

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WWA will be doing a promotion on festive nails and below is an example of a Shellac manicure done at WWA . To book: or 0714402120

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